Judging All Those Mattress Reviews Online

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You have shortlisted a mattress; you just type out the model on google to read or watch some reviews so that you can make your decision. Well, that’s what you do, but you might think that are all these mattress reviews legit, or the company has paid the websites, users, You Tuber, etc. to just show their respective product as the best. Don’t worry, we will tell you on how to conclude that the respective review is real or not.

Does the mattress review only portrays the positive aspect?

Look! Nothing is perfect; hence everything tends to have a flaw. Due to different personalities, one might feel that this specific aspect of mattress is a flaw while the other doesn’t but irrespective of that if you don’t find any flow then it most probably is a fake review. Even the mattresses’ high pricing can be its negative aspect.

The depth of mattress review:

You need to check that whether the reviewer has given you an in-depth review like: he has even told you the expected time it will take to deliver. You can check for the small details like does the user tells you about the quality of foam, obviously it will be his opinion but has he mentioned it or did he tells the time since he’s been using the specific mattress. Moreover does he tell how much space is there for two people’s using it.

Does the mattress review includes pictures?

Okay, I agree that the user might not be able to post the pictures due to the restrictions on the website or whatsoever, but you can make sure to check the website. You should also check that these pics are raw, their background indicates that they are being used, etc. The reason for checking pictures is that these pictures prove that reviewer has at least used the product before giving his/her Mattress Reviews.

Check about the website:

Anyone can purchase a domain, make a website on it so you need to make sure that you are not reading a review from the company itself which is ought to be biased. Now the question is how to check this; you can find a list of all the dispute websites easily on Google. You can check if the content is biased or not by seeing that whether the reviewer tells you about the negative aspect of the product or not.

For what time has reviewer used it:

It is really important that for how much time has the reviewer used the mattress before even giving a review. If the reviewer just opens the mattress, tests it at the moment and then gives a conclusion then his conclusion is inaccurate. You can’t just reach to a conclusion by just using for one time only, can you??

I hope our guide will help you discriminate between fake/paid or real view and will prove helpful in making a correct decision for your next mattress.

Have a good sleep!!